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A centre for academic research and knowledge: study and fieldwork for the oil and gas industries

In the sedimentary basins of the North Sea, the Kimmeridge Clay Formation is one of the most important source rocks for oil, this shale oil is economically one of the most principal horizons in all British geology. Kimmeridge is a mecca for oil and gas geologists and this museum will act as a flagship for the geological community, both national and international. This purpose-built museum close to the site where this collection of fossils were unearthed, will ensure that its scientific, cultural and historical potential is realised. This educational facility will enable researchers to fully describe and document the many new species that are represented, increasing our knowledge of the rich fossil heritage of The British Isles for the benefit of future generations to come.

The Etches Collection is pleased to network with the following institutions:-

  • University of Southampton

  • University of Portsmouth

  • University of Cambridge

  • PESGB (Petroleum Society of Great Britain

  • Geologists Association

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