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A facility for activities and learning: a significant resource for the national curriculum
In September 2014, a new science curriculum was introduced to schools for years 3 & 6. The biology and chemistry strands now include evolution and fossils. The Etches Collection contains a variety of specimens capable of telling vivid stories about the lives, predation, death and fossilization of a vast range of marine animals. These stories are engaging and endlessly fascinating to young scientists. The museum will play a key role in exciting the nation’s young people in the world of fossils, both in the museum and across the internet.

At the heart of our operation, active participation and learning will be encouraged to unlock stories about fossil hunters, Kimmeridge’s place in the global story and revealing the scientific significance of the collection. There is a wide variety of practical and exploratory programmes and opportunities for students and visitors to participate alongside the exhibitions revealing how the artifacts were found and prepared and what their relevance is to life today.  

Special concessions on entrance tickets are available for educational institutions, schools and universities, including educational packages to support your visit, contact us to find out more information!

Free WiFi is available throughout the building for all Etches Collection visitors