The Kimmeridgian Age - 150 million years ago…


The Kimmeridgian World of the late Jurassic period was one of warm seas deep enough to be undisturbed by surface storms, shallow enough to be home to a teeming host of marine life. From ancient fish, squid, coiled ammonites, sea urchins and turtles to long necked reptiles like the Plesiosaur, the dolphin-like Ichthyosaur and, at the apex of the food chain, the ferocious Pliosaur.

In the air above, vertebrates like the Pterosaurs and first birds had already taken flight and further away on the land masses, great plant eating dinosaurs were roaming the Earth feeding on lush ferns and palm-like plants stalked by smaller but vicious carnivores, the forerunners of the ultimate dinosaur villain, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It was a time when Europe was an archipelago of islands in a shallow tropical sea significantly closer to the equator than it is today. The terrestrial formations and their fossil treasures, Kimmeridgian in age, have been found all over the world, from Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Norway to India and as far as New Zealand.